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Will Simon ever visit this site...? Well that's a very good question and right now we can only wait, see, and hope. So in this section I am gonna let you the fan talk to Simon, give him a wassup, congratulate him on his latest movies, or just pass along any idea you might have...say for a sequel to Shaun of the Dead like Rise of the Zombies or something. Anyway go ahead, say what you want to say...maybe, just maybe,Simon is reading it right now...

name: Lauren

comment: Why have I never stumble across this site before?
It's amazing:)
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for the site XD

Simon Pegg, you're amazing:)
I must thankyou for everything you've ever wrote or starred in because
without it what would I geek over? I love you man, you're such a great,
lovable person and such an inspiration to any young aspiring
actor/actress or writer. Keep on going mate, there can never be too much of the
peggster, never. All your stuff is complete fried fucking gold and I
love it. LOVE YOU MAN x
name: Vladimir Kremsa
comment: I feel very very very depressed I hadnt been born in UK and
hadnt know him earlier...
Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are the best for me!
Would like to meet them and at least buy a pint and vodka (not mixed
together :D).
Vladimir(23), Czech Republic...
 elise sharman

comment: i love this site it is so cool lol an simon pegg is the
sexyest man alive
name: Miki Roy
                                    comment: Watta inspiration (simon - not the owner .. sorry) Ive always
                                    wanted to get into television and now seeing how success can come to
                                    someone as normal and genuine as simon im toaly going for it .. love yoo
                                    loads Xx
Good luck Miki....wish you the best just remember never to give up on your
name: gracie wainwright
comment: Simon Pegg is the sexiest man alive bar none!!!!! OMG he's
just the greatest and i LOVE everything he is on. I'm gunna send u sum
drawings sumtime to show how much i appreciate the peggster. Ain't he just
a lovely guy!!! I'm proud to b british because of him and Nick Frost
and their fucking ACE movies. thank you for making this site. this site
and peggster are my faves. peace out!!(girl power lol)

And I am proud to have you drop by Gracie....looking forward to seeing your artwork real soon!!


name: tasha

topics: hell yea he can do anything .. he is simonpegg the most amazing
man i have ever laid eyes on after all

I completely agree with you Tasha...


name: Michelle Thomas

comment: Simon's comedy is better than Prozac.  He is so funny, along with a little help from his friends.  That, and his striking resemblance to my grandfather at that age, makes me feel like we are family.  Thanks for sharing your gift with the world.  And, thanks for giving this school teacher the idea to allow my up-and-coming comedians time to tell jokes in the morning to calm them down so they can get their lesson.  God Bless you and your family, including your Minnie.  :)

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Before Simon Pegg...there was no comedy!!