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All Pegg...All the time!!!
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accept no substitutes!!!

Where have I been...? Where's Simon been...? What the hell is going on...?
In answer to the first part...I have been away for Spaced release just kidding. Actually real life can be a bitch and it takes up way too much free time. But I'm back...again....I always come back eventually. As for Simon well...he's been everywhere, Spaced is a hit...loving that...and  of course How to Win friends is all set for release...not to mention promo work on Star Trek as well as making preps for remember Paul right that little film he will be making with a certain someone..who was that again...Oh yeah Nick Frost...more details on that to come. As for what the hell is going on...we of course lost Bernie Mac...sad..he was a genuis and he will be missed not to mention Isaac Hayes...the voice of chef...though not his only noteworthy achievement..he too will be missed. So what's going on in your world?

thanks Gracie for this pic!!!


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All the videos previously displayed on this site have been compacted into one neat place...the embedded player below has all the videos I created plus a great many more from other youtube subscribers...nearly all are Simon Pegg related so please give them a look, leave a comment and enjoy!!!! 



Simon reference to the inspiration for much of the Spaced shall we say...relationship angst...

"I was dumped once," he says. "Then, after that, I did (the dumping). I was always like, 'No, me first. You're not going to break up with me. I'm breaking up with you."

For more on this story see the news and gossip page on this site...



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Simon-Pegg at

My review of Run Fat Boy took me forever to see it, but not because I wanted to wait, simply because I had no choice. When it played in the theaters it always seemed to be playing somewhere far from my home..but anyway, Run Fat Boy is of course out on DVD and I have to say it was well worth the wait for me. I found Simon's character Dennis completely loveable and Simon's potrayal of said character...flawless. From beginning to end I loved this movie and for more than just the fact that Simon was in it, I also think it was because Simon was in it and potrying someone so decidedly human you simply couldn't help but feel for him. Great Job SIon...two thumbs up. P.S. Gordon was absolutely hilarious!!!!



You've got red on you






If you don't follow the blog then you have no real idea what Simon is up to so here's the link to Simon's latest update on his uber fast and sometimes tedious lifestyle...
Drop in drop him a line, let him know you care.

This is me...welcome to the site!!!
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